FashiionX is built for the brands that want to create the same experience they receive in an intimate retail store, to the ultimate online experience for their customers, while removing all of the unneeded third-party intermediaries that suck up huge amounts of margin that could be used to create a better product, outcome for your clientele, and a more powerful global brand.

The reality is anyone can buy a marketing course online on how to run Instagram/Facebook Ads and in all honesty, some of those courses are pretty good, it is simply innovation.

The real question is how much do these people know about the Fashion Industry as a whole when it comes to the obstacles in design, sourcing, fit, retail distribution, margins, customer service influence and most importantly what makes every fashion brand unique in its own incredible way.

It all starts with experience, we have built and grown retail brands from the ground-up, been sales reps, agents, managers and CEO’s. All the way from knocking on doors with a box full of product that we could barely afford, to scaling an international brand 300% in 48 months. We have been through the trenches and understand the obstacles a fashion brand faces at every point in the journey.

By working with small, medium and large international brands we can use the data sets we have to help you navigate at any level of the journey.

Let’s face it small brands are trying to scale their brands as quickly as possible to generate enough revenue to bring their existing clients a new incredible products and large brands have the capital to create as many drops as they want, however, are trying to create better and tighter relationships with their existing clientele while still increasing market share.

We always say If you put the leaders of 10 small businesses and 10 international businesses in a room for 7 days together to collaborate, you would truly create 20 of the most powerful companies in Fashion!

How we can help? As mentioned we have operated at all levels of global fashion and in addition, we have partnered with a technology company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence & Automation. In summary, the best of both worlds.

We bring the knowledge, they bring the automation and we help you rapidly automate and scale your business processes to decrease time energy and capital while increasing revenue and profitability without sacrificing authenticity!

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